Meet our Neighbours

We are happy to introduce you to our friendly neighbours from Karaköy. Together we strive to preserve this unique neighborhood as well as contribute to it with our personal voice.

Dr. Karl Fey

Dr. Karl Fey
Société Générale de Surveillance

“In Karaköy the original old Istanbul is still present. The smell of the city is here, the center of the city is here and so am I. For fifty years and counting now.”

Prof. Stefan Luppold

Prof. Stefan Luppold
Dean University Ravensburg

“Well, if you visit a beautiful place like Istanbul and you are able to stay at a place stuffed with friendly people, a lovely atmosphere and the best hospitality ever…you can imagine what heaven is.”

Anne Marie Galmstrup
Henning Larsen Architects

“Karaköy has this great internal urban structure with pedestrian narrow alleyways where cafés and small vendors flourish and give life to the neighbourhood.”