Karaköy, where chic meets fish&bread



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Where the Bosphorus kisses the Golden Horn lies Karaköy – an ancient district in constant change. Still considered the anchorage of Istanbul, the area lies literally in-between the old and the new city, making you a part of both worlds. Whether you would like to visit the grand palaces of Sultanahmet or meander through the Bosphorus’ hidden quarters, there is something to be discovered in either direction. Once a thriving port, today this almost surreal waterfront

setting is home to hardware stores fixing ships alongside state-of-the-art galleries, hip restaurants and fashionable boutiques, representing the overall dynamics of Istanbul. Full of surprises, every now and then a large cruise ship drops in adding foreign visitors to the blend of artists, enterpreneurs and craftsmen, contributing to the lively atmosphere, still local and sincere. Karaköy is an adventure on its own.