Sustainability And Environmental Policy

Sustainability And Environmental Policy

As Sub Hotel, we prioritize environmental sustainability and focus on preserving natural resources. In line with this, we adopt the following policies in our hotel:Energy Efficiency: We maximize energy efficiency by monitoring our energy consumption with automation and energy management systems.

Water Conservation: To protect environmental resources, we emphasize water conservation. We use water-saving fixtures and showerheads to provide our guests with reduced water consumption. Additionally, we aim to protect underground water sources by ensuring proper treatment of wastewater.

Waste Management: We implement waste management programs to minimize waste production and promote recycling. We work towards separating recyclable materials, facilitating the reuse of unused items, and reducing waste production.

Local Economy and Community: We support the local economy by preferring local suppliers. Moreover, we are sensitive to the needs of local communities and contribute to social responsibility projects. Purchasing products and materials from local producers supports the local economy and ensures sustainable trade. Preferring products based on local resources, such as local agricultural products, handmade souvenirs, and other regional items, helps us contribute to local businesses.

Environmental Awareness: We regularly provide training to our guests and employees on environmental matters to raise awareness. Our aim is to encourage environmentally friendly behaviors and preserve natural resources.

Green Initiatives: We make efforts to make the hotel an eco-friendly area. We take steps like using eco-friendly cleaning products, choosing renewable energy sources, and adopting environmentally friendly architectural solutions as we progress towards sustainability.

Preservation of Culture and Heritage: We undertake an important responsibility to protect and promote cultural heritage and local cultural values. For this purpose, we prefer decoration and interior design that highlights the historical and cultural characteristics of the region.

Transmitting these policies to our guests and stakeholders through print and digital platforms and regularly revising them ensures that we achieve our sustainability goals.

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment, as Sub Hotel, guides us to act with awareness of our responsibility for a sustainable future.